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It is very easy to make your site or blog mobile friendly

Please view a follow up of this post: WPtouch plugin reduced my Adsense earning- and why I removed it.

It is surprising how many of your daily blog or site visitors would have originated from a mobile phone. Hence, it is very important for the site to be mobile friendly.

Being a smartphone owner myself, I would access to my own blogs via my Blackberry to check on the layout and usability. And I’ve noticed a couple of things about my site that differs from other mobile-friendly.

If your site/ blog is mobile-friendly:

  • the fonts is big enough and images are automatically resized
  • the front page generally features your latest posts without all the other navigation links
  • visitor need not stroll or manually enlarge the fonts to read your post
  • the posts are properly aligned, and it makes it easy for readers to read all the text in a single view instead of having to move the post from left to right.
  • the only thing the reader have to do is to scroll downwards

Never ending need to keep up

There is an interesting post from an adsense publisher who finally decided to turn his blog mobile-friendly was too much of work…. and returned back to a regular 9-to-5 job after 2 years.

It can get overwhelming, not to mention lonely if you constantly work by yourself and your only interaction with others is via forums and dropping comments at other people’s blogs. I do agree that the earning from blogging is very unpredictable and most blogs depend on organic traffic.

In the past, I thought it is tough to make a site or blog mobile friendly.  And you probably would not have that kind of interest  if you do not own an iPhone, Adroid or Blackberry. But once you have your own smartphone, you would never look at your blog/site the same way again. And in truth, most blogs/ site are just not built to be mobile user-friendly.

It’s easy to make your site mobile friendly, really

From a post in Copyblogger,  I’ve learned about WPTouch and proceeded to download the plugin on my main blogs. There are a number of instructions by many blogs on how to download the plugin so I would not mention it here.

And I have been amazed at the results- my blogs became so much more easier to read- the fonts are bigger, the texts are well-aligned and you can customise some function like maintain/ remove category or tags, personalise the name that you want to appear on the headline.

You can even insert your own Adsense ad by placing your Adsense publisher code- I’ve not seen the effectiveness of the ads but most important of all, it is easier for the readers to read articles and blog posts.

How about making a regular website mobile-friendly?

For blogs it can be quite straightforward- where the latest posts are being displayed on the mobile version. It’s what the readers want and it brings in traffic and reduces bounce rate.

But how about a normal website? What if the homepage does not display properly like the icons and pictures being out of alignment?

My suggestion to solve the problem is to create a new page where you update the main stuff like site content, index titles, etc in a format that can be easily scrolled using a mobile phone. It can be another version of your website homepage- perhaps the pictures in your homepage causes it to go out of alignment when displayed on a Smartphone even with the WPtouch plugin activated- so you may want to consider resizing the pictures in a smaller or thumbnail version and link it to your content page. You can name your page with a simple name such as “home” or “mobile”.

After you finish creating the page, go to Settings> WPtouch> at the General settings: Home Page Redirection, instead of having it point to “WordPress setting”, click on the drop down box to select the mobile page version that you have created. Then scroll down and click “Save Options” and view your new “masterpiece”. That was what I have done on a website which I am helping someone to manage.

Making a site easier to view on a mobile phone is as easy and take only minutes (download and activate the plugin). No need to stress yourself with the technicalities or to spend money to buy a software (unless you are so happy with WPtouch that you want to get the paid version).  Even if you do not own a Smartphone, convert your site to a mobile friendly version for the sake of your readers. Your readers will thank you for it, they would stay longer on your site and come back for more.

Please view a follow up of this post: WPtouch plugin reduced my Adsense earning- and why I removed it.

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