Kaspersky Titan 2013- Internet Security Review

by Yin on November 18, 2012

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I became a user of Kaspersky in 2009 when it was said that Kaspersky was one of the best in the market. At first, I helped to install the internet security after convincing my former boss to purchase for the office PC. During that time, most of the office computers were infected- the office was using the free version of Aviva but it did not help to eliminate some of the trojans and virus. The final straw came when one day a pop up appeared on my PC screen with a mocking message confirming my PC have been infected with virus.

After I installed the internet security on all the PCs, the Kaspersky program was able to identify and rid of most of the harm. After seeing its effectiveness, I bought and installed in my own laptop. I figured we can be as careful as we want but we still cannot prevent from accidentally downloading a trojan or malware when we surf the net or open an email attachment.

When I first bought it, I could get for about RM100 under Internet Security for 3 PCs. I only utilize 2 of the license. Still, RM100 is affordable compared other brands in the market.

Kaspersky Titan- 2013

As my anti virus had just expired, it is time to renew it again. So during the recent PC Fair, I tried to see if there is a discount. The price was for RM135 if buy during PC fair and RM179 for normal price.

Geez….how the price had gone up so much.  The only thing I am interested in is the Internet Security. I don’t care about the 8GB USB pendrive or the mobile security and tablet 6 months trial. I’ve asked the sales people if I can just buy the older version of the Internet Security 2012 but was told it was out of stock (or all taken off the market?)

Why I still use Kaspersky

When I bought my laptop, and I took my netbook for him to upgrade my netbook to Microsoft package (about RM200 for 3 PCs under student or home use because I wanted the powerpoint and the photo editor), I was told my netbook was slower because of the heavy duty Kaspersky running at the background.

But somehow using Kaspersky puts my mind at ease- last time I was worried when other people hand me their pendrive to download pictures- I could not be sure if their pendrive had virus. Now, I just scan and I know the hypersensitive Kaspersky can scan out anything that looked suspiciously like a malware. Sure, sometimes it goes ‘over’, giving false alarm. But I would rather false alarm than no alarm. To be safe than sorry.

Anyway, after buying, I did not install even though my earlier license had expired. All was okay till last week while surfing an innocent looking website, the expired Kaspersky indicated that a trojan was being downloaded as I opened that website. Alarm alarm and without delay, I opened the new packaged and keyed in the activation code (unique code that came with the package). Actually the package contained only 2 pieces of paper and the much advertised 8GB pendrive:

After buying, you need to register your product online.

Website: www.tech-titan.com/ Forum: http://forum-tech-titan.com

Email: kaspersky@tech-titan.com

Kaspersky Careline support:

  • Malaysia: +603-78022222
  • Singapore: + 65 62948400
  • Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm (except Sunday and public holidays).
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