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Blogging using the Samsung Galaxy Note

In terms of typing speed, nothing can beat typing on a real keyboard of a desktop, laptop or netbook. Second probably comes with using the qwerty physical keypad of a Blackberry.

However, Samsung Galaxy Note, I or even Galaxy S series can make excellent portable blogging tool that enable you to blog on the go or when you are out and about.

Why blogging using a Smartphone can sometimes be more effective than on a PC/ computer/ notebook:

1. It’s great for that moment of inspiration

Some bloggers can write spontaneously the moment the inspiration hits them. Inspiration can come at anywhere- when you are standing in a grocery line, while waiting for someone, during a shopping time, while travelling, waiting for train/ flights, etc. You see a scene- snap a photo and have the utmost inspiration of something to write. Or something profound suddenly strike you and you need to absolutely publish what’s on your mind.

What do you do during those situation? Jot it down on a notebook and then wait until you have time to sit in front of your notebook to work on them? Does all those ideas ever get transformed into a blog post?

I am one of those who can spend hours typing away when hit by inspiration. But when the inspiration would come when I am out and about…. and have time to kill- such as having to wait for someone. So I use it well to type away.

2. Works well for short blog posts with picture attachment

  • Take a picture or from your existing photo gallery
  • Edit with an app like Photo Editor- crop and resize so that it fits into your blog post standard width.
  • Type your post and press the ‘Publish’ button.

And the post is live. Quite a nice feeling of satisfaction.

With Blackberry app, I could not schedule the post- it is either I had to publish it immediately or convert it into a phone draft (store on the device) or Draft (store in my WordPress account).  Also I can only choose for the picture to appear below or above the post. No in between. And for BB, the WordPress application cannot work if you do not have the BIS plan. You cannot send using Wifi.

As for Android, I could attach picture to the post at any point- above, below, in-between. And schedule for publishing.  My hands are more used to the physical keyboard- the small little keys on an iPhone or smaller Samsung phones would not work for my clumsy fingers. Typing on the Note II, amidst typo error but I can still manage relatively okay as the keys are larger because the phone’s 5.5 inch is bigger than most phones (you’ll get used to it after a while- it’s smaller than physical notebook or diaries that I used to carry with me).

And I can do all this either with Wifi or data.

But as with all mobile devices, it is more suited for shorter posts (not more than 500 or 1000 words). Long drawn out blog posts would be better typed using an actual computer or at least the iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1.

3. Blogging using the Note can help you to stay more focused

This had always happened to me- I sit down in front of my netbook in preparation to churn out some blog posts- only to end up surfing the net and reading other blog posts. So much information, so much cool stuff. How to resist?

I’ve always thought that if I got myself another Smartphone to replace my Blackberry, I would probably find myself getting more distracted like surfing even more net and not getting anything done. But often reality is not as per what we imagined it to be.

The size of the device itself is a deterrent for using it for multitasking- like opening many windows at one time.  Till now, I’ve not figured out how to open multiple windows using my Note. If I am typing a post and want to surf net, I find that I had to exit the WordPress aps. It gets a bit cumbersome to exit and then come back and look for the draft. So in a way, I am made to finish up the post first before I go to another function. This has helped to keep me more focused and productive.

If an inspiration hits me for a simple short post, I sometimes use my phone. My Samsung Note II boots up almost immediately. If I am at home, I would turn on the Wifi (because Android phone utilize large data compared to BB). Only when I am outside that I would turn on the data. Then I just open my WordPress widget and type a post and after hitting publish button, I just close the app. I admit, even though typing on the virtual keypad slows me down but spending 10 minutes on a post is better than 3 or 4 hours on the netbook with no productivity.

Very basic Apps you need for your blogging:

Before you blog using the Note or any Smartphone, you should at least have the following aps ready:

  • WordPress for Android- for mobile version of WordPress…if you are using WordPress
  • Photo Editor – to help you compress, resize and crop the photos. I need not transfer the photos anymore to my netbook and edit with the software. Everything can be done on my phone.
  • Other apps are like Adsense, Analytics- which believe me, if you use Android, both the aps there are so much better. Of course it does not give a consize breakdown if I want to know about yesterday or today’s performance, but it is good enough to check.

In summary, it’s best to mix and match. For this article of over 1000 words, it would have been a real struggle to type using the virtual keypad. Surely would be tonnes of typo error. My shoulders and arms would surely ache from holding the phone up.

But for shorter and simplier posts, my Note does a good job. It takes clear and consize pictures (even though my hands are not perfectly steady, the pictures are still clear).  The picture gets store in the external micro SD card placed in the phone. I am a visual person so sights can give me lots of inspiration. When I have time, I would go through my gallery and when the inspiration hits me, I would edit the picture, then tell a story of that picture- on what that had motivated me to snap the picture in the first place.

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