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Samsung Note is best for mobile blogging

Nowadays, I write a number of short posts using my Galaxy Note. As a part time blogger, I don’t have much time to sit in front of my laptop to blog.

With the Note, I am now used to the virtual keyboard – it was very different than what I had previously thought. In my Visit Malaysia blog I attached lots of pictures and I was able to rename and resize the photo directly from my Samsung Note 2 before loading on my phone’s blog post. All the photos need not be processed using my netbook as the Photo Editor app is good enough.

Recently I was away from home and office for a few days. I bought my netbook and my Note II along on my trip. But in the end, I did not need my netbook as I could type most of my posts using my Note- during the short intervals of free time that I had. I managed to get a satisfactory amount of blogging work done with the limited short spurs of free time that I’ve had.

Therefore if you are a serious blogger but perhaps you can only blog on a part time basis, investing in a good smartphone would make your mobile blogging so much easier and effective.

It is not suited for long drawn posts though- it is more for shorter posts like this.

I have no regrets getting the Samsung Galaxy Note  even though it is one of the most expensive Smartphones in the market. It has really helped me to be more productive.

Note- I  not being paid to write this. This comes from my own personal experience. I had thought that it would not make a difference but it does really makes a difference for a mobile blogger.

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