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Single Design for Multiple Festival- to save printing and advertising costs

In order to save cost to store and redesign for all different festive seasons, why not consider designing a single paper back, or better yet a grocery bag that carries themes from major festivals, like the one below by CNI:


This paper bag has all the Malaysian major festivals: Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas in it. And the design of the paper bag is quite attactive- so your clients would be tempted to keep them since it could be use for the next festival and still look good. And you need not have to store 4 different types (unfinished stock) to be used only once a year (paper bags turned yellow after sometime if not stored well and they take up huge storage space).

Compare to if you have a paper bag with Christmas theme, a person would not want to carry the paperbag around after Christmas as she would look so “out”. But if you cover yourself by featuring all the festivals, then people can reuse it easily for the next festival and it still look graceful to put in gifts.

Another popular gifts that companies can give to their customers/offer to sell at low price are good quality recycling/grocery bags. Previously, Carrefour was giving away good huge groceries bags in line with declaration of every Saturday being a non plastic bag day (so people are supposed to bring their own grocery bags) for purchase above a certain amount. Now you have to pay a few ringgit to buy the bag- but consumers usually would not mind if the bag is of good quality and resillient.

Similarly Ikea also sold the huge grocery bags for only RM1.90. The price is so affordable and the bag is huge- that you can see many people carrying either Ikea or Carrefour bags when going for grocery shopping. Effectively, people are becoming walking advertisements for Carrefour and Ikea- such advertising are not only free, but effective too.

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