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Why owning a Smartphone can save you lots of call charges

Smartphone is no longer a status thing but is more of a necessity. Many people, including seniors and those who are not technology savvy start to own a Smartphone.

Why owning a Smartphone can save you lots of money

If you have kids, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend…. in other words people whom you treasure very much but are located in different states and countries, you can basically use your Smartphone to call them for free.

No more buying IDD phone cards that had bad voice quality. All you need is to download the following:

  • WhatApps if you wish send messages and photos—replacing sms
  • Viber – free voice call
  • Tango- free video call

And then with Wifi and the other person having a Smartphone with the same apps, you can call, videochat and message one another as many times as you want to your heart’s content. If you use Android, you need not even sign up for any data plan- but you need to be connected to Wifi to use the apps.

My friend who is now staying in USA shared with me that with Viber and Tango, it had made it so easy for her to constantly keep in touch with her relatives in Malaysia. It feels like she is just in another state rather than few thousand miles away.  When she came back to Malaysia for a short visit, she just open a temporary line – to call and sms those who do not have a Smartphone and when she is away from Wifi zone. If she is at home, she would just switch on her Wifi and then use Viber to call even her own sister so that she need not pay for call charges.

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When my friend introduced Viber and Tango and helped me to download the program, I was surprised to find that a number of friends in my contact list whom I had thought to be non Smartphone savvy are Viber and Tango users. Even in business, communciation is often done in emails and Whatapps.

Think of how much of phone and sms charges you are paying each month. Even business like Chatime Delivery service is also communicating via Whatapps to its customers on order and delivery confirmation.

Therefore, if you wish to keep in touch with long distance loved ones and friends  but know calling is expensive- check if they own Smartphones. Chances are they do and you would know you can now stay in touch for literally free (except for Wifi service- which you probably pay for surfing net at home) if you just get a Smartphone. If you are not into the bells and whistles, you can get an entry level model at a very inexpensive price.

Paying hefty phone bills are things of the past for many people- telcos are realising this and now are selling data plans with Smartphone and lowering the costs of calls plus throwing in free sms. If you are paying few hundred bucks a month on phone calls, seriously friend, the phone would pay itself back within a month or two.

Just my two cents.


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