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Why Blogging using a Smartphone can make you more focused

Yes, I do agree that in terms of typing speed, most people can type faster on a netbook or laptop than a virtual keypad….and with much grammatical errors.

But in terms of focus and staying ‘on the job’, I find blogging using a Smartphone actually make me more focused.

I have just shut down my netbook- at first I have logged on to my netbook to reply some comments from readers where I need to copy some links to send to the readers. Then I planned to write some new posts.

When I logged in to my blog from my netbook, my ideas ran dry and instead I find myself googling on certain topics aimlessly and logging to Facebook.

After about 30 minutes of getting nothing done, I shut down my netbook and used my Galaxy Note  to type this article. Ideas come because it was not convenient to surf multiple pages using a mobile device.

In the end, even though my typing speed is slower, I am more productive. If you find yourself suddenly having the writers block, perhaps you can consider trying to blog on your mobile device.

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