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You can make a living selling anything

It is not that difficult to start a business with low startup cost. Especially in food and drinks- most important is the food and drink must be delicious and nice- because after the initial buzz, a lot of the business would depend on returning customers (after all, there is only so much of money one can spend in advertising). After awareness is created, the business would depend a lot on the words of mouth from returning customers.

So, it’s important for food and drink business to focus on taste and quality. Not just fancy design and decoration because if it does not taste nice, no one would come back even though the price is cheap.

Recently during my trip to Singapore, I came across a small rented store selling various ice blended coffee and tea.

Above was what I had ordered: ice blended Capuccino with jelly beads.

The labels are in Thai- because I was in Singapore’s Golden Mine Mall- where most Thai people would gather in. It’s not expensive and usually patrons who walked around for a while would stop by to buy a drink. The price is lower than other places in Singapore. Initially I had spotted the drink after someone who bought it became a walking advertisement.

Above prices are quoted in Singapore dollars. Ice blended bubble coffee and tea for $1.80 is not too expensive but the profit margin is high.

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