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Strangely I blog better using my mobile phone

The screens of my phablet…the Note 2 is much smaller than my netbook or laptop.

Yet I find I am more productive when I blog using my Note 2 probably due to the phone’s limitation at multitasking or opening multiple web pages all at once.

When blogging using my netbook I have a strong tendency to surf the web because there are so many interesting blogs out there to read 🙂
And the time when I was supposed to be writing blog posts would be spent mindlessly surfing the net.
One thing though….a netbook or a laptop is still required when you need to perform more complicated task…such as embeding a video,  replying to comments by linking to a post or when you need to prepare a post with a table or multiple linking to other posts. The simple copy paste can be cumbersome with a mobile phone.

And it would be tiring, not to mention ergonomically bad to hold the phone to whip a 1000 words blog post. Mobile blogging is suitable for short to medium length posts.

Having said that,  my Note II have been real handy in helping me to rename, edit and resize photos before uploading them my blogs. I find phot editing so much easier with the phone than the computer’s photo editor.

At the same time I am tempted to get a tablet as well and trying to decide between the iPad mini or Samsung Note 8. Most of my friends use the iPad mini and even a friend who convinced me to get my Note 2 also said the iPad mini is a better choice.
My friend told me to wait since the ipad mini 2 would be out soon. And once it is out- I can either get the ipad mini at a cheaper price or get a better featured item at the same price.

Well, I guess I would wait. Meanwhile I will continue to blog from my Note.

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