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Dealing with negative people or psychic vampires

Experts would have advice that the best way to deal with negative people is to avoid them. But what happen if these negative or toxic people, sometimes know as psychic vampires are the very people that you cannot run away with- relatives, colleagues, fellow committee members?

I realize that by taking an offensive or defensive stance when around these people, we would tend to be more affected and it will build up more negative emotions within us. In the end, we may end up being somehow like them if we are not careful.

Do you believe that the best way is to repay any negative deed and dark energy with….. kindness? I first learned about this through the teachings of Buddhism and I remember thinking….’that’s impossible! I can never do that. Even not harboring any bad thoughts for them is quite a task by itself- let alone sending out good thoughts to them, wishing them well and even transferring merits to them.’

Whatever that we do not know or understand becomes the fear of the unknown.

And you cannot deal with this type of fear or any type of fear defensively. Even if you have the most powerful amulets or religious symbols that you have been told to be able to ward off any evil things or bad luck, when your back is really against the corner, you feel that they offer only a little consolation.

When we harden our hearts against anything, ready to get into battle, our energy levels are actually weak.

But if we learn to soften our hearts, and have kind thoughts arise, first for ourselves, then for whatever that could be ‘out there’, we gain strength and power.

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