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Blogging Tips from A-List Bloggers Do Work if You Apply Them

There is a lot of useful blogging tips offered by famous blogging gurus- these were legitimate ‘white hat’ methods to gain traffic to blogs in the long run.

Most of us tend to mindlessly drift from one blog to another- probably we have some inner beliefs that we require validation. We keep reading these tips, try it out for a day or two- see no results and then give up. Perhaps someone could provide some insights of how we need not work so hard but still be able to earn high page rank and visitors everyday. For some people, when they are not able to find any short cuts they start to scoff off these A-list bloggers- and call them bluff.

But if you read the blogging tips offered by A-list bloggers from Zenhabits to Problogger, they give the same message- you’ve got to have patience, write good and rich content in order to see long term results. All you have to do is to take a look at their archives and you will notice that all the endless list of topics are a labor of love that took time and effort- lots of it, before these bloggers could even begin to see results. If you take only one or two of their tips to heart and give it a try for a good old couple of months, you may find that it works. If you are not willing to pay the price, you would not be able to see the results that you long for. Many people still have the misconception that blogging is easy money- it is not.

You’ve got to have genuine interest to share, a flair for writing original content that will benefit your visitors. Then your blog will continue to generate repeated traffic and search engine will send visitors to your direction.

And you have to be disciplined when it comes to consistent posts- your blog cannot just run for weeks or months without a post. Without genuine passion, it’s difficult to sustain in this line- especially many bloggers full time jobs and other personal commitments.

A blog has to be built- one post at a time- so that eventually it will span into hundreds or thousands of posts dealing with the same niche topic. Or you can have a non niche blog but you need to have much more posts on each of your category posts.

For instance, this blog talks about various topics ranging from topics ranging from blogging, travelling, life’s reflection to entrepreneurship, money and working life. Unless I am able to built up my archives of articles so that there are at least a few hundred articles on each category- I cannot expect my blog to have a high page rank. Only if I am willing to invest the time and come up with quantity as well as quality articles, that I can expect my blog readership to really grow. If I cannot find time post more than twice a week, then it will take time for the content to built up. That’s why it takes patience to see results.

That’s what I noticed about my blogs- that as I continue to write more useful articles on certain topics and built up the volume, the number of visitors to my blog increases- ultimately, it is true that we need to always write for the human visitors in mind and not for the search engine. When what you write brings value to another person’s life, your blog or site will not be forgotten.

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