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How to Train a Constantly Barking Dog

As much as we would want our dogs to bark to warn us of potential intruders and dangers, we all know of dogs who just enjoy barking at everything and anything. Here’s some useful tips that I’ve recently gotten from The Star paper:

What you need:

One dog treat and the annoying barking dog


1. When your dog barks, say “Quiet” in a calm voice and hold up the treat by the dog’s nose. Our friend will surely stop barking because of the treat and the attention that you are paying to him/her.

2. The second the dog stops barking, praise and pet the fella.

3. Count to three, then give the reward.

4. Repeat next time but praise during 5 seconds before giving the treat.

5. Gently increase the time between the command “quiet” and the treat.

6.  Eventually, you can replace the treat with praise.

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