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Why Internet Explorer browser have problem loading

Recently I’ve gotten a good guide from Microsoft on how to upgrade my Internet Explorer and also some additional security features. Previously when I attempted to open my IE, often it will not load and just hang there. When I attempted to close it, I have no other option but to end task (see Diagram 1 below):


Whenever you end task, send error message to Microsoft. I have been doing it as you see in diagram 3. One day, Microsoft sent me a link (Diagram 4) in an attempt to troubleshoot the repeated problems. Below are the possible causes, which may be applicable to you too if your IE is slow:

It’s hard to determine exactly what causes Internet Explorer to stop responding, but it’s usually due to one of the following reasons:– Spyware, adware, or other malicious software. If you have downloaded free software from the Internet, you might have inadvertently downloaded spyware with it. Spyware is software that can display advertisements (such as pop-up ads), collect information about you, or change settings on your computer, usually without your permission.
– Internet Explorer add-ons: Add-ons are software that add features or tools (an Internet toolbar for example) to Internet Explorer.
-Computer viruses: If your computer has a virus, the virus can cause Internet Explorer to stop responding.

I also did a one time system scan which I got from the following website:


Avira.com also provides free anti virus. You can download the free copy of the anti virus to your PC/laptop and perform daily scans. Now I understand the wisdom of why my boss made it necessary for us to run the anti virus check every morning.

At least the scans give me a peace of mind.

Hope the above will help if you are facing the same problems as me.

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