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Learn to develop your own unique style instead of being just a follower

In the end, as a blogger or webmaster, you’ve have to develop your unique style instead of being a follower in order to succeed. True, you can adapt business models and success routes by other leaders in the field but in the end, you’ve got to have our own unique proposition. And there have to be genuine interest and passion. If you are into anything purely to make money, there will not be long term sustained motivation. Halfway through or just some minor setbacks would be all you need to give up.

A number of the websites/blogs today I visit today seemed to have this trend:

  1. The primary focus of the blog is to endorse a product- but it does little to provide other value or solutions that visitors were looking for. So they never came back
  2. Spam blogs that work on stealing and copying contents of other blogs. Sometimes, the content are all similar with other blogs, except it is rewritten using different words to prevent search engine penalization for duplicate content. Advertisements are plastered all over the blog- the person attempts to make money through other people’s hard work. Normally it is only a matter of time before these people are being reported by the original authors.

When I visit top blogs, I noticed that those bloggers who are on the top 1% have one thing in common- their blogs provide lots of value to the visitor. That earns them loyal readership. The search engine will know this and start sending lots of organic traffic their way. I know many may whine and complain that it’s nearly impossible to be at the top.

Yes, it is, if we are not willing to pay the price, put in the hard work necessarily to remain as the leader in the field where people can look up and rely on for advice. Attracting visitors via all kinds of tricks, even resorting to tricking search engines would only earn temporarily traffic but not repeated traffic. And search engines are getting better and better- such sites now would not be ranked high in the search engines. If they do, it’s only for a short while.

This is similar to real life in the sales line. Top salespersons are normally those who can deliver and provide reliable after-sales service. Many of them have good comfortable rapport with their customers. As the result, once they’ve established themselves, they get lots of referral from their customers. A salesperson who merely tries to push product, sometimes being dishonest just to meet their target can get long term gains but will not be able to sustain for long. It is exhausting to go out and look for more ‘unsuspecting customers’ to cheat on. It is less tiring to have repetitive customers and a good reputation in the industry.

Each one of us would have something that we would truly be good at doing. The challenge is for us to discover it. If we have to force ourselves to do what others are doing or have to lie, cheat, steal or bully into getting what we want, then the wealth is not rightfully earned. It’s not worth to have to look over our backs or not able to sleep at night worrying of being found out.

Inner peace can never be bought by wealth unrighteously.

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