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Should you monetize your blog?

If you visit most of the blogs nowadays, they’re all plastered with Adsense ads. As many people are using Adsense, others are exploring options such as affiliate, donate button, Amazon and other forms of blog monetization. 

You know, no matter how self righteous we would like to be, we still need to pay the bills. Time is money. Of course, it’s important to blog with passion for if there is no passion or interest to write, blogging becomes just another chore instead of joy.

It would come a time when we have blogged for some considerable amount of time, we would need to explore about monetizing the blog.

My blogging story (please bear with me on this)

During the initial years when I first started my website on Geocities, I don’t even know the meaning of monetization. That time my site received about few hundred unique views per page each day till I burst my so called bandwidth. That time Yahoo was making tonnes of money off my site through the advertising placed there- which the ads looked a lot like Adsense ads of today. Then I shifted my site to Blogspot when a reader – send me email to inform me that my site was not accessible due to bandwidth problem.

Later I shifted from Blogspot, to paid hosting because I’ve wanted to be able to customise my blogs.

And I still did not monetize my blog- it’s all the excuses about self righteousness but in fact, it’s probably just resistance to figure the whole Adsense things out. But when I was seriously broke, I decided to monetize with Adsense.

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It’s nothing immoral about monetizing blogs

Regular internet surfers are used to seeing Adsense or any form of ads on a blog. When we watch free TV, we also expect to see ads – even though an overdo of it may be annoying. But we’ve accepted the fact because we know that the ads keep the TV station alive and only if the salaries of those working there are being paid that the station would be able to continue to entertain us.

If we don’t want to see the ads, then we would need to pay for cable TV- which is usually expensive. If we find that the free TV could provide equally good shows as the cable TV, well, most of the average wage earners like us would tolerate the ads and discontinue the cable TV, rite? Heck, we may even be tempted to buy some of the advertiser’s products if we feel that it suits our needs.

And so magazines, newspapers would need to survive on advertising as well. It’s an acceptable part of life.

When it comes to choosing the form of advertising, I still prefer Adsense over other forms of monetizing methods because it’s hassle free. No doubt, if your blog is relatively new, it would take time for the earnings to build up before you can achieve the minimum USD100 to enable you to collect money via Western Union. But be patient, with consistent effort, your blog would get there- and a hobby that pays is very fulfilling.

The thing about Google Adsense is that the ads states that it is an ad.  So you don’t have to feel bad about deceiving people.

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