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Stress in life- attributed on being disorganised?

I realised how detrimental being disorganised can be.

A person who is disorganised may have the tendency to:

  • prospone task that they dislike till the very last minute
  • feel overwhelmed because felt that there is too many to do and so little time
  • to be forgetful- because appointments and meetings are now written down in a organised manner
  • unable to find things, documents because cannot remember where they put them
  • remain disorganised because by being organised, they feel it may compromise their creativity
  • feel that it is a waste of time to spend so much of time packing and cleaning

There are so much of things I feel like doing but so little time. When all problems came at one day, I can feel overwhelmed. Of course, breathing exercises are helpful – else I wonder how I got through so long being such a disorganised person.

At the same time, blogs are also therapeutic for me, especially on my other blog to record details and my trial and errors with eating plans and exercise programs. By looking at the archives, I am able to track my progress, slip-ups and learnings. In that aspect, I am able to properly document my work 🙂

Still, today, I felt that I could have accomplished much more if I am able to establish a system that I can stick to. My day job is starting to make me feel exhausted and drained again- and sometimes I felt that it robs me of the energy to do other things that I would really want to do- like blog more (got so much things to write about but not enough time), volunteer work and planning exercise programs. But if I am honest to myself, it’s probably lack of planning- it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you put most of the ‘to-do’ task in your brain.

After all, so many successful but extremely busy people are able to plan their time well. And many people are able to manage stress. I will definitely have to give this a try, conduct more research on the web on time management and being organised. Or scout around the library or bookstores.

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