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This is post is part of  the series of posts written on the lessons from Journey to the West (1996 TVB version). Back to Journey to the West (TVB) Main Page In his travel, Tang Sanzang came across Wu Kong and released him from the trapped mountain. Wu Kong had wanted to carry his teacher [...]

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My brother has deep resentment for a group of people known as Dr Evils who were involved in torturing the innocent during the World War Two.  Instead of being punished for war crimes, a deal made with General McAuthor- if they are willing to impart their knowledge to the US government, their lives would be spared. He told me [...]

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Acharn Chalermchai Kositpipat is an extremely talented person who built Wat Rong Khun- a well known and must visit place if you travel to Chiang Rai, Thailand. If you go to Wat Rong Khun the absolute beauty and artwork will just take your breath away. I have great admiration for Acharn Chalermchai. From young, Acharn [...]

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Today, on Merdeka Day, also marks the first anniversary of the passing away of Chief Reverend, Dr K Dri Dhammananda. Below is the transcript last Dhamma talk, given in Jul 06- great gratitude goes out to the person who had transcribed the talk and Buddhist friends who had sent me this. *Human Life ( last [...]

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Picture above is taken from a wall painting in the Burmest Temple in Burmah Road, Penang, Malaysia (click on picture for a bigger view). Below is extracted from the Notes section (page 478) of Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera- A Spiritual Biography: Spiritual partner. Literally, “one’s partner in developing the spiritual perfections (parami). Most living [...]

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On 31 Aug 2006, many mourn the lost of beloved Chief Reverend, Chief Buddhist monk for both Malaysia and Singapore. I have a lot to thank Chief Reverend because he has touched my life in so many ways. He has introduced to me and many, the life of being a Buddhist- that Buddhism is simply [...]

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You have all read stories of blood sucking vampires? Vampires who are guised in the form of beautiful men and women who would seduce and suck your blood with their terror looking fangs as you are in a daze and not knowing?But today, I would not write about these vampires. I would like to share [...]

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