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There is this guy from my secondary school who dropped out at 15. Prior to dropping out, he ran into a number of disciplinary problems because he liked to dye his hair (and those days, dyed hair is banned in schools). One day, when I accompanied my mom to the market, I was surprised to [...]

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Often, parents get very concerned when their kids are not doing well in school. Sometimes, I feel very sorry for kids nowadays who constantly have the pressure to do well in school.  Even if they get 95% at school, the parents may scold them for not getting 100% or if another boy beats him at [...]

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While many working people are stuck in unhappy jobs, fresh graduates are having problems getting a job. Even landing in an interview is next to impossible. In that case, what to do while waiting for someone to call for interview after submitting countless application? Consider jobs that are out of your scope of study You [...]

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This series consisting of 4 articles that provide tips, experience and choices a student or teenager who is looking for a school/semester holiday job can consider.   Part 1:  Tips for Holidays/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers The pro and cons of choosing easy to find jobs such as at fast food chains, hypermarkets, etc are discussed. Part [...]

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My personal experience: I have worked the following jobs: a clerk/receptionist- at the age of 17 for 3 months a lab assistant- at the age of 19 for 4 months in university- held the following jobs: secretary (twice), telemarketer, data entry clerk, industry training intern (compulsory for me to earn my degree) As your career [...]

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In the previous article, I’ve mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of looking for non technical skills/fast food restaurant jobs. The next categories of jobs that are harder to come by but would add in your resume are office related jobs. Examples of office temporarily/ part-time jobs: Data entry clerks (require quick typing skills) Filling clerks [...]

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This is PART 1 of an Article Series on Holiday/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers School and university semester holidays are around the corner. You may have decided to try to look for a part time or full time job in order to earn extra income and could not decide what type of job to choose. If you are a student searching [...]

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