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In the end, as a blogger or webmaster, you’ve have to develop your unique style instead of being a follower in order to succeed. True, you can adapt business models and success routes by other leaders in the field but in the end, you’ve got to have our own unique proposition. And there have to [...]

Smartphone is no longer a status thing but is more of a necessity. Many people, including seniors and those who are not technology savvy start to own a Smartphone. Why owning a Smartphone can save you lots of money If you have kids, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend…. in other words people whom you treasure very much [...]

After having my Blackberry for close a year, I’ve decided to switch to a Samsung… Samsung Note II to be exact. After changing from Blackberry to Samsung Note II, I’ve had only one regret….why I never done it earlier. Or why didn’t I buy an Android phone in the first place? But the switch came [...]

I want to share with you a hard lesson learned…. a lesson that spoilt my Blackberry Torch Smartphone. Just because of a stuck SIM. Never never forcibly pull out the SIM card – if it does not come out from the phone naturally, something is wrong. Take it to a shop where they fix handphone- [...]

Why you need to write a will

by Yin on December 19, 2012

in Finance or Money

From part 1 on the importance of investment, the next is- write a will. This is especially if you have property under your name. With a will, you would have clearly spelled out what to do with your total assets should the unfortunate happen to you. Ensure that the following beneficiaries are up-to-date: insurance policies [...]

Based on an article published by USnews, the top 10 retailers who are surviving despite the recession have some attributes such as: 1. Conservative Expansion Mode Prior to the economy crisis, a lot of growing companies borrowed heavily to expand based on overly optimistic projection. When the economy crashes, and the effect is felt right [...]