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Tis Thing Called Life

As much as we would want our dogs to bark to warn us of potential intruders and dangers, we all know of dogs who just enjoy barking at everything and anything. Here’s some useful tips that I’ve recently gotten from The Star paper: What you need: One dog treat and the annoying barking dog Method: [...]

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Experts would have advice that the best way to deal with negative people is to avoid them. But what happen if these negative or toxic people, sometimes know as psychic vampires are the very people that you cannot run away with- relatives, colleagues, fellow committee members? I realize that by taking an offensive or defensive [...]

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A friend shared this post and I found the drawn picture so profound. When we were young and defenseless, our mother took care of us. As she grow older, it is our turn to take care of her. She never complained when we give her endless problems and sometimes heartaches. Her instinct is to always [...]

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I took this picture yesterday evening…many of the folks in our area witnessed a double rainbow. Friends staying in KL and PJ posted their status updates and took pictures of the double rainbow. It was also the new moon of the first day in the Chinese 7th lunar month I saw the rainbow as I [...]

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Today, most people do not agree on caning and disciplining the child. According to most experts, one should use a ‘line of reasoning’ because most children are intelligent and do not respond to ‘barbaric’ methods. If a parent is to do something like canning or chaining the child, he would be detained by police and [...]

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When meeting up with friends, do you prefer to meet in your friend’s house/apartment/your place or in a public place? Most of us would prefer to meet outside at a cafe and restaurant to chit chat, followed by some shopping later. The possible reasons I could think off are: very young- do not have your [...]

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The front location in many houses tend to receive more sunlight than the back. For practical reasons, most would just hang clothes in front of their homes…often at the gate itself so that clothes dry faster. I  no feng shui expert but I have been told by an expert it is no good to hang [...]

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If you have photos that you would really like to share with others, should you display them in a photo album or a digital frame? I have the same dilemma recently- I had embarked on a photo album project where I want to showcase sequence leading on to a successful opening of a place. It [...]

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During working days, there were a couple of strays that I had been feeding. Before this rainy season, it was the hot season and one day, I chanced upon a very hungry, thirsty female stray dog who just delivered a set of puppies. I knew as her babies must be sucking milk from her skinny [...]

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It’s true, one need not have lots of money to be happy. The advertisement from McDonalds which aptly put that happiness can be bought with RM5.95- one of the lowest priced McValue meals . This would strike a chord in many of our hearts as so many of us grew up with our parents taking [...]

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