As I have mentioned so many times, a company really needs a website if it wants to continue to be competitive in today’s era.  Setting up a website need not be difficult- you can even engage a college IT student to do it for a low cost in exchange for a good portfolio (having developed website for [...]

In my previous article, I did  a case study on Pay Less Bookstore’s online site and have some ideas on how the bookstore could expand its existing base. Today, let’s talk about a very popular book publisher: The Dummies series. Most of us would at least have 1 book from either the Complete Idiot’s Guide [...]

Years ago before Tablets and iPad burst into the scene, most of us read real physical books. But with books available online and blogs publishing refreshing new articles, people have switched to the internet as the source of entertainment, information and interactive learning. Many bookstores are now closing down- or seeing their profits soaring down [...]

I would like to present the following case study- to show how a company can potentially lose out a lot in profit, consumer interest if it does not have a comprehensive, informative and interesting corporate website. To setup and run a website is so inexpensive and yet the site is your effective marketing tool 24 [...]

WordPress started off as a blogging platform but you can effectively use WordPress to built simple static websites. With that, you need not pay a programmer to code your business site- well, you can basically do it on your own. And WordPress is easy to use and learn …there are strong community groups and you [...]

Why every company needs a website

by Yin on April 6, 2011

in Website

If any company wants to potentially expand its business and reach out to a wider audience, it really needs a website. Without a website, potential or their target customers may not even know that they exist. And when building a site, remember to ensure the texts used are searchable- ie don’t create navigation links using images- [...]