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Recently, local villages were perplexed as to why a cow would chose to bite a man (source: Village astir after cow bites man, The Star, 16 Nov 09). An odd job worker was clearing the jungle when a cow came from behind the bush and viciously bit his hand- causing him to be hospitalized. At [...]

The Darker Side of Halloween

by Yin on October 30, 2009

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During Halloween celebration, many people start to dress in scary customs- and various food, candies, cakes and even the entire office/home are filled with decorations of ghouls, witches, black cats, pumpkins with faces, etc. By doing that, our mind may tend to associate with these things- especially if we engage in time consuming preparation. Personally, [...]

The 9 Emperor Gods festival is celebrated by the Hokkien community. Every year, it falls on the first to the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. And during these nine days, it usually rains- this is something that a lot of celebrants know about and would be careful to carry [...]

The Love Story of the 9 Tailed Fox Spirit

by Yin on October 18, 2009

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KBS Channel have been running a series of Korean ghost storiesevery week that is aired in Astro channel. Today, I watched a love story of the 9 tailed spirit fox- that is both touching but gave a valuable lesson. So I would narrate out the story here in my own words: In ancient time, a [...]

Today the day of the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. According to CNN correspondent Emily Chan, who is in Shanghai to catch the eclipse, there were hundreds of dragonflies flying around the area. As the time of the eclipse is drawing to a near, these dragonflies suddenly disappeared. What is the mystical significance of an eclipse? [...]

Previously, I’ve included some Astrology information in my original Geocities website. Later, I had the contents migrated to a blogger template since I noticed many people had wanted to access to the information.  It’s strange- but from all the years that I’ve been blogging, I find that many people would rather search, read and believe in Astrology than in themselves. My question [...]