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There are hundreds of jottings published in this blog- below are some top picks

Career/Work Life/ Part time/Moonlighting

  • Some lessons I’ve learnt from my paycut job
  • When you are sick of working with someone else for a living
  • Should you work for a cause, or work for the pay?
  • So I am back in the corporate world…
  • There is no such thing as a dream job or dream company
  • Resigning from the job and plunging into the unknown
  • Should you quit your job to pursue your dreams?
  • Quit the rat race, but have a day job to pay the bills
  • 6 Considerations Before You Quit Your Day Job (Without a Job)
  • What to do if you cannot find a job after college
  • Keeping the mind occupied and finding purpose after retirement
  • Blogging

  • Facebook Timeline? Why not start a blog instead
  • Should you quit your job to blog full time?
  • Blogging on a netbook vs iPad or iPhone
  • Changing from Free to Paid Themes for all my Blogs
  • Add Adsense code manually or use a plugin is better?
  • Sourcing for photos and images for your blog
  • How to download YouTube videos to MP3 Player


    Small Business/Entrepreneurship

  • Why every company needs a website
  • How to build a website structure using WordPress
  • Can Joining Direct Selling Companies Make You Big Bucks?
  • Home Based Business- you don’t need a BA degree to succeed


  • It should not be always about the money
  • The biggest lesson I have learned about money
  • It is not how much you have but how much you want
  • How to Determine the Best Rate when Changing Foreign Currency
  • How My Friend Took Control of Her Spending- by Cutting Up Her Credit Cards
  • Life/Relationships

  • Learning a new skill or hobby effectively and quickly- you need to know your learning style
  • How to improve your language communication, both written and spoken
  • Keep your dreams to yourself when your loved ones do not support you
  • When a couple no longer see eye to eye and the kid is stuck in between
  • The best way to overcome your fear is to face it
  • People who curse you are actually blessing you
  • Why Bad People Get Away from Doing Bad Things
  • Can We Ever Get Away by Telling Lies?
  • Relaxation Method Using the Breath
  • Why Holding on to the Past May Be Bad for You
  • Why Self-Help Books/ Therapy Sometimes Doesn’t Help
  • Why is My Mother-in-Law Such a Pain?
  • Keeping Pets Allowed Your Kid to Develop Positive Qualities

    Declutter/Being Organised




    The Unexplained

    Lessons from Journey to the West

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