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Within 2 hours after publishing my blog post on How to get Related Posts Plugin to work, an excerpt of the post is already published in two other blogs. Blog plagiarism is getting to be very common and I find that more and more posts that I published are being taken to be republished elsewhere. [...]

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In the end, as a blogger or webmaster, you’ve have to develop your unique style instead of being a follower in order to succeed. True, you can adapt business models and success routes by other leaders in the field but in the end, you’ve got to have our own unique proposition. And there have to [...]

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This article is written for those who may not know how to shrink the size and resolution of the images and pictures for your web. It is something that I’ve discovered by chance- that I can actually use what I already have to reduce the size for the pictures. Why would you want to reduce the size [...]

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Bloggers wondered if having photos is important to a blog. And if yes, should they take the photos themselves, use free clip art or purchase professional taken photos online. Well, it really depends on your personal style and what you are comfortable with. Some blogs do well by providing good content- and the only images [...]

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I find that carrying a notebook (not a laptop but the physical books) comes very handy especially if I am outside doing research or if an idea hits me out of the blue. Whatever that is not written down quickly gets forgotten. And instead of having it all in your head and burdening your poor [...]

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I know for sure that if you were to add affiliate links without no-follow tags would cause you to lose your pagerank. This is through personal experience. In end of November 09, I wanted to experiment with Amazon Affiliate programs. It has been something that I had wanted to do but keep putting it off- [...]

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