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Within 2 hours after publishing my blog post on How to get Related Posts Plugin to work, an excerpt of the post is already published in two other blogs. Blog plagiarism is getting to be very common and I find that more and more posts that I published are being taken to be republished elsewhere. [...]

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In the end, as a blogger or webmaster, you’ve have to develop your unique style instead of being a follower in order to succeed. True, you can adapt business models and success routes by other leaders in the field but in the end, you’ve got to have our own unique proposition. And there have to [...]

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There is a lot of useful blogging tips offered by famous blogging gurus- these were legitimate ‘white hat’ methods to gain traffic to blogs in the long run. Most of us tend to mindlessly drift from one blog to another- probably we have some inner beliefs that we require validation. We keep reading these tips, [...]

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There are a number of blogs that I follow because these authors write quality content that are beneficial. Some of them are: 1. Personal Finance for Christians (url: http://www.christianpf.com/) Bob (and his entire department) was laid off in 2008 when a larger firm bought over his company. Instead of looking for a full time job, [...]

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Many new bloggers who are thinking of creating blogs would wonder if they should focus on niche or general topics.  Majority of the experts would advocate sticking to a niche topic. However, what if you’re like me- that so many things in life interest you and you wanna talk about it. Does it mean that [...]

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When you begin blogging, you may start by blogging about everything under the sun. Then it may come to a point in time that  you find yourself developing a new interest or hobby in a very specific area- that’s when you may be creating new blogs to focus on them. You can call them niche blogs or [...]

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I know for sure that if you were to add affiliate links without no-follow tags would cause you to lose your pagerank. This is through personal experience. In end of November 09, I wanted to experiment with Amazon Affiliate programs. It has been something that I had wanted to do but keep putting it off- [...]

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The world today is moving towards passive income. Money making gurus are advocating earning passive income as the way to go- that you can make money while you sleep, play golf, go on vacation, etc. Passive income is a smart way to earn money and should be the way forward compared to active income. Or [...]

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Adi Wong of Riceblogger.com came up with the list of the 100 Top Malaysian Blogs in May 2009. The list has been selected based on ranking in Alexa and Technocrati.  It is very interesting compilation- you will find blogs that deals with different topics- from politics, celebrity gossips, internet marketing, cooking, etc.  Surely some of the blogs [...]

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Whatever you do, it gets easier with practice. Even blogging, you may start off with having so much of things that you want to express but find yourself quickly running out of ideas. Or you will have so much of ideas in your head but the moment that you sit in front of your laptop, [...]

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