Experts would have advice that the best way to deal with negative people is to avoid them. But what happen if these negative or toxic people, sometimes know as psychic vampires are the very people that you cannot run away with- relatives, colleagues, fellow committee members?  I realize that by taking an offensive or defensive [...]

This is post is part of  the series of posts written on the lessons from Journey to the West (1996 TVB version). Back to Journey to the West (TVB) Main Page Sun Wukong- Monkey King Wukong doing the “Yo” sign (modern humor) Wukong earned great power but still inherited the classic characteristics of a monkey- [...]

Starting from now or even last week, the Chinese have started visiting cemetries to honor the department- buy burning paper items, hell money and serving the department with food. First, there would be a gotong royong, followed by the entire family having a picnic on the grave area. Now, for convenience, families sometimes buy fast [...]

Self-help books always seemed to find themselves on the top of New York Time’s best seller list at any given moment. Of course, this goes along side with the latest diet fad. If self-help books are so useful, why do you find there are never ending demands for new self-help books or new theories of [...]

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