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Business can repackage existing products or rebrand it to add on to its appeal. This is something that cosmetic companies and perfume/ scent products do best. Sometimes the packaging is even more expensive that the contents in the product itself. Even if your company sells more simple products, you can ride on this existing philosophy [...]

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It is not that difficult to start a business with low startup cost. Especially in food and drinks- most important is the food and drink must be delicious and nice- because after the initial buzz, a lot of the business would depend on returning customers (after all, there is only so much of money one [...]

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In traditional business, it is not the high tech software, filling systems or any technology that determines the business success. You can still find business becoming very successful even though they adopt very basic tracking techniques. The success lies in offering value, quality and honesty in business dealings. I want to share with you a [...]

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In order to save cost to store and redesign for all different festive seasons, why not consider designing a single paper back, or better yet a grocery bag that carries themes from major festivals, like the one below by CNI: This paper bag has all the Malaysian major festivals: Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali [...]

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Based on an article published by USnews, the top 10 retailers who are surviving despite the recession have some attributes such as: 1. Conservative Expansion Mode Prior to the economy crisis, a lot of growing companies borrowed heavily to expand based on overly optimistic projection. When the economy crashes, and the effect is felt right [...]

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If you are able to take everyday stuff and give it a creative twist- you would have something that attract everyone’s attention and could have great potential.  For example, the usual cupcakes are often being displayed in a sweet, pretty and appetizing way. Whenever we see a cupcake, it’s design makes us want to eat [...]

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My family have been an avid and loyal reader of The Star paper – we subscribe the paper to be delivered to our home every day from the newspaper man. So today, when I saw the headlines in black borders, I wondered what had happened- As it turns out, The Star paper is launching the [...]

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If you are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to monetize your blog or website, do note that many well-known sites have put up Google Adsense as one of their primary advertising means. Most readers would understand- that a website runs on continous costs… hosting, hiring writers, programmers and designers. In order to continue to provide [...]

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During my university days, we were taught in business school the meaning of ‘opportunity cost’. More or less it means willing to fork out a price to earn the customer’s favor and to win the business over. The goal is often to build long term relationship. This practice has long been in place even during [...]

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Wordpress is a popular blogging platform but you can easily use it to build a static website with a relatively easy learning curve. Many people who do not have programming or IT knowledge are able to build professional looking sites using Wordpress. The following article will give an explanation on how you can build a [...]

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