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Today, most people do not agree on caning and disciplining the child. According to most experts, one should use a ‘line of reasoning’ because most children are intelligent and do not respond to ‘barbaric’ methods. If a parent is to do something like canning or chaining the child, he would be detained by police and [...]

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The story below deplicts the true reality of the consequence of how a kid can be spoilt when he/she is stuck in between the parents’ divorce or constant arguement. Sometimes, couples don’t think twice about using their kids as messengers- to pass message to oneto the  another. And in order to win favors from the kid [...]

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From the day we are born, our mom selflessly care and love us without condition. They have our best interests in their hearts- even though they may not able to express it well. This is especially if they’ve came from harsh background and grown up deprived of love. Older generations, especially Asians are very reserved when [...]

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Don’t ever judge a kid by how he performed in school. Even though he is a school dropout, it is too early to tell how he would fare in life. Let me tell you are true story of a man- let’s call him….Rebel. Rebel was a notoriously rebellious, naughty, stubborn boy. From young, he constantly [...]

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I am a regular follower of PassiveAggressive. In a post called So…I’m guessing you don’t get many visitors in your neck of the woods, a note written by a pet lover on why having dogs and cats are better than having kids: TO ALL PETS OWNER WHO VISIT AND LIKE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR PETS: [...]

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Sometimes we feel that our parents have wreck our lives because they are alcoholics, promiscuous, divorced, etc…..and cannot forgive them because (our story here-) ‘that is because of them that I am an alcoholic/cannot commit to any relationships’. Using conventional psychology and Freudian to analyze the situation, we may have reasons to thank our parents [...]

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I will present this article using the most layman terms that I can manage. I’ve discovered through discussion with my friend on just how important writing a will is and I want to share what I know with you. Malaysian laws on distribution if there is no will written Malaysia abides by the Common Law [...]

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We seemed to be falling into hard times now. What we want, we never seemed to get- or when we get, eventually we end up wanting more. Spending almost a year staying in a foreign country had really changed my perspective about life and everything in general. Living with the rich as well as the poor [...]

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If you have a kid and you want to instill positive qualities in the kid, you may want to consider keeping a family pet. Most children are attracted by animals- it is common to see young children tugging at their parents’ and begging to take a particular pet home. Pets have a very theraupetic effect on [...]

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There is a price to pay regardless of the path we choose in life. You gain one thing, but you lose another. We just cannot have everything- but we have to decide if the tradeoff is worth it. So far, I have not came across anything that had convinced me otherwise. You’ll probably can quote [...]

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