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Today, most people do not agree on caning and disciplining the child. According to most experts, one should use a ‘line of reasoning’ because most children are intelligent and do not respond to ‘barbaric’ methods. If a parent is to do something like canning or chaining the child, he would be detained by police and [...]

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When I was in primary 5, there was a small duration where I sold chewing gum for some side income. I would buy the chewing gum- which each packet contained 5 strips for 20 cents. And I would sell by the strips of 5 cents each. For each packet of chewing gum sold (5 strips), [...]

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There is this guy from my secondary school who dropped out at 15. Prior to dropping out, he ran into a number of disciplinary problems because he liked to dye his hair (and those days, dyed hair is banned in schools). One day, when I accompanied my mom to the market, I was surprised to [...]

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Often, parents get very concerned when their kids are not doing well in school. Sometimes, I feel very sorry for kids nowadays who constantly have the pressure to do well in school.  Even if they get 95% at school, the parents may scold them for not getting 100% or if another boy beats him at [...]

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Teachers play a very important role in shaping the lives of the students that they taught. We remember the teacher long after they’ve taught us and think back of them with fond memory. Here are a few memorable teachers who left a memorable impression in me: 1. My Standard Six Malay language teacher Until today, [...]

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I want to share with you this story- because I hope you would realise that even if your life is faced with obstacles, you always have free will to choose to overcome them, instead of blaming or surrendering to external circumstances. My Chinese name is written in 燕 (Yin) 婷(Teing). 燕 means a swiftlet- a [...]

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“You’ll never amount to anything” ~ Einstein’s Greek teacher The next time someone curses at you, don’t be upset or angry. Don’t even bother wasting your energy by punching the fella. The thing about curses, looking down  and condemning others is: if the person is right about us, well, we need to change. If we [...]

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I will always remember my Primary Six teacher who taught us Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language). Her name was Puan Noraini. Before she taught our class, I took no motivation in the subject of bahasa. And in primary school, I used to fare badly anyway. But this teacher was different- she waltzed in, with her golden [...]

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I was only 9 years old when my grandaunt passed away from old age. During that time, I was too young to understand what was life and death. My grandaunt loved me unconditionally from the day I was born- she was about 82 years old and insisted to personally take care of me instead of [...]

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A lot of articles talk about pursuing your dreams- finding courage, going against the stream, feel the fear and do it anywhere. But the question comes, how do you know what you want to do? How can you identify what your dreams are? That remains the million dollar question- “What exactly do I want in [...]

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