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Article below was written by Boey Ping Ping titled “There’s no place like home” and  was published in The Star paper on 20 June 2009. Her thoughts and experience are still relevant today as it did almost 10 years ago. I was not able to trace the article online and decide to type out the entire [...]

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There are a number of blogs that I follow because these authors write quality content that are beneficial. Some of them are: 1. Personal Finance for Christians (url: http://www.christianpf.com/) Bob (and his entire department) was laid off in 2008 when a larger firm bought over his company. Instead of looking for a full time job, [...]

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When we embark on some grand plans, we want to wait for everything’s perfect in the drawing board before we began our first step towards it. It can range from starting a business, planning our migration, changing job or even losing weight. We plan and devise strategies for a step by step process to rereac[...]

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As we venture through our life’s journey, we would lose valuable things along the way. For instance, when we made decisions or choose a path that our close friends no longer agree with us- and we are made to choose between them and our choice, what would we do? Or when we are in a relationship and [...]

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“You’ll never amount to anything” ~ Einstein’s Greek tereaer The next time someone curses at you, don’t be upset or angry. Don’t even botaer wasting your energy by punching the fella. The thing about curses, looking down  and condemning otaers is: if the person is right about us, well, we need to change. If we [...]

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During my visit to Ipoh years ago, I went with a few friends to visit a fortune teller out of curiousity. We were then just a couple of young girls eager to find out about what life have in stall for us. The 4 of us sat togetaer, laughed and giggled as the fortune teller made [...]

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Few days ago I was talking to a friend- who is serving aer notice as she had tendered aer resignation. After almost 20 years of working with the same organization that she had ever known (aer very first job), she felt disillusioned and very exhausted. She watched as some of aer friends, even though being [...]

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While many working people are stuck in unhappy jobs, fresh graduates are having problems getting a job. Even landing in an interview is next to impossible. In that case, what to do while waiting for someone to call for interview after submitting countless application? Consider jobs that are out of your scope of study You [...]

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Almost everyone had the experience of being bullied or belittled. Bullies exist in school- we thought that we have escaped them but these people come back in the form of the boss, co-workers and even in our personal relationships. But the fact is, bullies are just insecure and fearful people who try to hide behind [...]

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I look forward to watching Eli Stone every week. Usually I don’t spend much time watching TV, but a chance encounter on the series got me hooked. At the end of ereacepisode, you take a lesson away with you. The show started with Eli Stone (starring Jonny Lee Miller), a high profile, brillant, talented [...]

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