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When you have to chosen to be a writer or blogger, you would spend a lot of time churning out content. The task is even more challenging for a freelance or a full time writer may be required to write on topics that is not a personal favourite. There will come a time when writers [...]

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When we embark on some grand plans, we want to wait for everything’s perfect in the drawing board before we began our first step towards it. It can range from starting a business, planning our migration, changing job or even losing weight. We plan and devise strategies for a step by step process to reach [...]

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During my visit to Ipoh years ago, I went with a few friends to visit a fortune teller out of curiousity. We were then just a couple of young girls eager to find out about what life have in stall for us. The 4 of us sat together, laughed and giggled as the fortune teller made [...]

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Recently someone working in the same building as me shared with me some experience about his life and how he has developed optimism in life and faith in God. When he was young, he was a bad boy- he was involved in gangsterism and have beaten people up. He had also done a short stint at [...]

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From as young as I can remember, I am naturally a night owl. When I was schooling, morning sessions were especially painful because I constantly have problem waking up early in the morning. During university days, my classes were constantly arranged early in the morning at 8am- so I have to get up earlier. As [...]

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Most of us will just do our best to ignore our fears- unless we have no choice or are cornered. I find that there is logic in what is taught by Law of Attraction- we would tend to attract things that we fear the most. A friend of mine totally believe that we are brought [...]

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Today, while casually browsing through YouTube to add a few songs in my playlist , I found out that The Really Useful Group, is putting up high quality videos of Andrew Llyod Webber’s plays. I’ve always have high regards to works of Andrew Llyod Webber- his plays and songs inspire emotion, and the songs are [...]

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Admittedly, many Malaysians are really choosy when it comes to jobs. During the times when jobs were aplenty, job hopping is such a common phenomenon. Below is a letter writen by Naushad Noor Ali to The Star paper- which I find to be very true: WAY back in 1962, my late grandfather visited Penang. Upon [...]

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Self-help books always seemed to find themselves on the top of New York Time’s best seller list at any given moment. Of course, this goes along side with the latest diet fad. If self-help books are so useful, why do you find there are never ending demands for new self-help books or new theories of [...]

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“The miracle of the seed and the soil is not available by affirmation; it is only available by labor” ~ Jim Rohn I find the above quote by Jim Rohn to be very true- in fact, I’ve learned a lot from reading his book, The Treasury of Quotes. The book carries his quotes from seminars [...]

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