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early rise

From as young as I can remember, I am naturally a night owl. When I was schooling, morning sessions were especially painful because I constantly have problem waking up early in the morning. During university days, my classes were constantly arranged early in the morning at 8am- so I have to get up earlier. As [...]

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Certain mornings about 6.30am to almost 8am, sometimes earlier, I will be woken up by my neighbor playing the Chinese oldies. My bedroom window is located only few meters from her kitchen.  I’ve never been a fan of Chinese oldies- like songs from 50s or 60s.   When I was a student years ago, I used [...]

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You have to have a dream so that you can get up in the morning                                                             – Billy Wilder Do you experience difficulty in dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Especially if it is on a Monday morning? All you feel like doing is to stay below the sheets and sleep forever? We would think [...]

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Here’s list of reasons given by an night owl on why she should sleep earlier and wake up by dawn: Discovery H&H is only showing the exercise shows (on pilates, dancing, etc) at 4.30 am – 6am (every morning except Sunday morning). The owl really wants to watch that. She wonders why can’t there be [...]

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