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It is vital for business to monitor changing trends and adapt to these trends or risk sinking to obscurity. If technology enables the same thing to be done at a quicker time without much supervision and labor, then it makes sense to use them. If a business, regardless of how long it had been in [...]

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This is a question I keep pondering back and forth as I contemplate in getting either a Smartphone (like the Galaxy Note) or a tablet that my friends have been recommending me to use.  Most people I know already own a Smartphone. I’ve thought of owning it mainly to help me to be able to post more [...]

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Facebook is going to make its Timeline compulsory to all Facebook users according to an update I saw from Yahoo Finance. I am not sure about you, but I prefer the old format compared to Timeline (read the post by Smosh- quite funny). When I visiting pages of friends who have installed the Timeline, the [...]

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