Today, most people do not agree on caning and disciplining the child. According to most experts, one should use a ‘line of reasoning’ because most children are intelligent and do not respond to ‘barbaric’ methods. If a parent is to do something like canning or chaining the child, he would be detained by police and [...]

Why you need to write a will

by Yin on December 19, 2012

in Finance or Money

From part 1 on the importance of investment, the next is- write a will. This is especially if you have property under your name. With a will, you would have clearly spelled out what to do with your total assets should the unfortunate happen to you. Ensure that the following beneficiaries are up-to-date: insurance policies [...]

If you have photos that you would really like to share with others, should you display them in a photo album or a digital frame? I have the same dilemma recently- I had embarked on a photo album project where I want to showcase sequence leading on to a successful opening of a place. It [...]

There is this lady who lived in my street who would not tolerate if people were to park in her ‘parking place’. Sometimes, people who are not familiar with the ‘rule’ would park in her place. And when she comes back and finds someone in her parking place, she would continously sound the horn for [...]

The Jam Tart Story

by Yin on January 24, 2012

in Career,Life,Tis Thing Called Life

Ever since from as young as I could remember, I had been helping my mother to bake jam tarts.  It is an annual thing before Chinese New Year. The jam tarts would be then distributed to neighbors, relatives and friends… FOR FREE.  We get to take some back to share with our friends. The baking thing lasts [...]

Would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Chinese New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true. Drive carefully, rest well. It’s a time for rest and it’s also the time where most Chinese based companies would require their staff to take long leave, with operation closing down for a week or two. Do [...]