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Sometimes we feel that our parents have wreck our lives because they are alcoholics, promiscuous, divorced, etc…..and cannot forgive them because (our story here-) ‘that is because of them that I am an alcoholic/cannot commit to any relationships’. Using conventional psychology and Freudian to analyze the situation, we may have reasons to thank our parents [...]

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While clearing my mailbox, I found this email that was forwarded to me in 2006. The message is meaningful, so I thought of sharing it here. Dr. Alan Zimmerman's comments: Sooner or later, everyone you know will disappoint you in some way. They'll say something or fail to say something that will hurt you. And [...]

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Certain mornings about 6.30am to almost 8am, sometimes earlier, I will be woken up by my neighbor playing the Chinese oldies. My bedroom window is located only few meters from her kitchen.  I’ve never been a fan of Chinese oldies- like songs from 50s or 60s.   When I was a student years ago, I used [...]

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When you read advice by successful self-help gurus who have gone through tough times before they become successful, most of them would say the same thing: If they can turn back time, they will not have done anything differently.... because mistakes, tough times and failures helped to shape them to be the successful person they [...]

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Many of us love to keep old memorabilias that reminds us of our past. We keep photos, gifts, old greeting/birthday cards, watch old movies and listen to old songs. It is okay if there are fond memories but if the past elicit feelings of regret and sadness due to wrong choices, passing away of a [...]

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