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Yesterday in the papers, I read about people flocking to the Johor Premium Outlet in search for branded designer items like Calvin Klien, Coach, etc. Then there’s another article about those who make designer brand shopping part of their holiday plans- sometimes having to travel outskirts of cities to the factories. Sometimes I really wonder- [...]

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My friend shared with me recently on a talk that she had attended from a well known speaker, Ajahn Brahm. After his talk, a member of the audience asked him on how we can help the poor people in India? During her trip there, she saw so much of suffering and poverty and wondered what [...]

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When someone gives us a present, the first thing we tend to notice is the packaging. If the wrapping is ‘boring’, we tend not to be interested in what’s inside. However, everyone would be looking at the gift with the most beautiful wrapping- the recipient is ever so excited and some others may even be [...]

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There have been quite a lot of changes happening in my life within these past few months. I left my job, spent 40 days in Thailand  and started a new job…back in the corporate world. Yes, I’ve blogged about the downside of life in the fast lane but now, I’ve come to understand a lot [...]

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At times when we feel alone and lost, we are most often tempted to go out and party all night. Go to a pub, disco, hang out with friends and have free flowing booze…to fill that emptiness and to drown that feeling of loneliness. Anything, but to spend time alone because often than not, we [...]

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Dear all, I’ve just published a long post on My ongoing journey in discovering my true calling in life. In the post, I shared on the beginning when I first felt I should quit my job and venture into healing but I did not have a clear roadmap and guidance. At times I had thought [...]

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When the situation at work gets very tough, either when we absolutely dislike our jobs or when we are looking for jobs and cannot find any within our qualified scope, we are often tempted to just come out and earn a living doing…anything. During that difficult time when job assignment sucks, or we have a [...]

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If you go to The Curve in Damansara Perdana during weekends, you may hear soothing sounds of the piano as you walked towards the centre of the mall. And then, you may see a gentleman playing the piano live: His name is Gary. What is special about him is the cheerful disposition and the ready smile [...]

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Office gossip and politics are not contusive for our karma, health and happiness. And yet, most of us can’t help but are involved in them. It instilled negative feeling and drains our energies. Say your colleague who is very close to you totally dislikes someone because of some ‘good and justified reasons’. After a while, [...]

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The friends that we choose tend to tell a lot about us. And the fact that they have a strong influence on our outlook in the world. Because your choice of friends can have such profound influence on you, it is even more important that you select your friends carefully. When you first know someone [...]

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