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“You’ll never amount to anything” ~ Einstein’s Greek teacher The next time someone curses at you, don’t be upset or angry. Don’t even bother wasting your energy by punching the fella. The thing about curses, looking down  and condemning others is: if the person is right about us, well, we need to change. If we [...]

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It is very sad that a recently, a published report of how a tiger was cruelly killed in the forest reserve in Malaysia. A snare was laid out in the forest on 25 January. On 2 Feb, a tiger’s left forelimb was caught in the snare. Then on 3rd February, the group of orang asli [...]

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Nowadays, stories of old ladies who were cheated out of their life savings appeared in the local newspapers quite often. Two Sundays ago, The Star ran a detailed article on stories of these people who got cheated which is a good read- The Bomoh Strikes Again and again, and again. There are many things we [...]

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Recently, local villages were perplexed as to why a cow would chose to bite a man (source: Village astir after cow bites man, The Star, 16 Nov 09). An odd job worker was clearing the jungle when a cow came from behind the bush and viciously bit his hand- causing him to be hospitalized. At [...]

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The 9 Emperor Gods festival is celebrated by the Hokkien community. Every year, it falls on the first to the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. And during these nine days, it usually rains- this is something that a lot of celebrants know about and would be careful to carry [...]

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My brother has deep resentment for a group of people known as Dr Evils who were involved in torturing the innocent during the World War Two.  Instead of being punished for war crimes, a deal made with General McAuthor- if they are willing to impart their knowledge to the US government, their lives would be spared. He told me [...]

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The truth lies within you. If you are true in what you do, you will meet with the truth. If you are not, you will meet only with things that are fake and imitation. Ajahn Fuang Jotiko It is said that in order to live in this real world, we cannot run away from telling [...]

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When you read advice by successful self-help gurus who have gone through tough times before they become successful, most of them would say the same thing: If they can turn back time, they will not have done anything differently…. because mistakes, tough times and failures helped to shape them to be the successful person they [...]

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During a trip to the Chow Kit market, I was shocked to see that my favourite species of tortoise was being sold for meat. At first, I thought the guy was selling it for people to buy as pets. But the tortoise were all grown up and when I looked further, I saw a plastic [...]

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