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This is a question I keep pondering back and forth as I contemplate in getting either a Smartphone (like the Galaxy Note) or a tablet that my friends have been recommending me to use.  Most people I know already own a Smartphone. I’ve thought of owning it mainly to help me to be able to post more [...]

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There is a saying in Cantonese that is passed down from ancient times:  “How much a person can eat or wear is fated.” Some believe it to be true, some otherwise. Well, it does depend in intepretation. A lazy and weak-willed person would say, “if I am meant to have a million dollars, even though [...]

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‘We can observe many events in our daily lives that can serve as good wake up calls for us- to stop our obsession with money and material gain ….and reflect deeper on what’s important. Last week, when I read in the Strait Times that Bee Gees Robin Gibb is battling with liver cancer, the phrase [...]

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As we venture through our life’s journey, we would lose valuable things along the way. For instance, when we made decisions or choose a path that our close friends no longer agree with us- and we are made to choose between them and our choice, what would we do? Or when we are in a relationship and [...]

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We may find that the goals we want to achieve in life is almost impossible- the task too enormous, the goal too far reached. Often, we become disheartened and give up before we even begin. The next time you feel that way, just take small gradual steps- take the first step, get started. Keep on doing- [...]

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What that had impressed me through my stay with nature is that there are certain unspoken laws that one need to follow when staying in ancient places, forests…and nature: respect the place and the inhabitants there- both the seen or unseen conduct oneself properly don’t take things without permission- especially strange or attactive looking objects when [...]

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Those with physical disabilities face a lot of obstacles in trying to earn a living. It’s not easy most places are still not disabled friendly. When I was in restaurant having my breakfast one weekend, I came across this couple, who went around singing and asking for donations. The man does not have a right [...]

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From the day we are born, our mom selflessly care and love us without condition. They have our best interests in their hearts- even though they may not able to express it well. This is especially if they’ve came from harsh background and grown up deprived of love. Older generations, especially Asians are very reserved when [...]

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I want to share with you this story- because I hope you would realise that even if your life is faced with obstacles, you always have free will to choose to overcome them, instead of blaming or surrendering to external circumstances. My Chinese name is written in 燕 (Yin) 婷(Teing). 燕 means a swiftlet- a [...]

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“You’ll never amount to anything” ~ Einstein’s Greek teacher The next time someone curses at you, don’t be upset or angry. Don’t even bother wasting your energy by punching the fella. The thing about curses, looking down  and condemning others is: if the person is right about us, well, we need to change. If we [...]

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