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If you visit most of the blogs nowadays, they’re all plastered with Adsense ads. As many people are using Adsense, others are exploring options such as affiliate, donate button, Amazon and other forms of blog monetization.  You know, no matter how self righteous we would like to be, we still need to pay the bills. [...]

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If you want to have an idea on how to make money online and idea on ad placements, you can find a lot of inspiration from online newspaper portal. They are constantly evolving with market trends and very creative. Take for example 2 of the most popular newspaper portal sites in Malaysia: The Star Online [...]

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After my earlier post where I mentioned that I would be installing WPTouch plugin after wanted to make my blogs more mobile friendly. Just yesterday, I have removed the plugin from my blogs after noticing a drastic drop in Adsense earnings. This has been done after some consideration of should I or should I not? [...]

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My family have been an avid and loyal reader of The Star paper – we subscribe the paper to be delivered to our home every day from the newspaper man. So today, when I saw the headlines in black borders, I wondered what had happened- As it turns out, The Star paper is launching the [...]

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In my previous article, I did  a case study on Pay Less Bookstore’s online site and have some ideas on how the bookstore could expand its existing base. Today, let’s talk about a very popular book publisher: The Dummies series. Most of us would at least have 1 book from either the Complete Idiot’s Guide [...]

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If you are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to monetize your blog or website, do note that many well-known sites have put up Google Adsense as one of their primary advertising means. Most readers would understand- that a website runs on continous costs… hosting, hiring writers, programmers and designers. In order to continue to provide [...]

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When I checked around, many people know about the existance of Groupon, even fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce.  Many may not know about Dealmates yet but when I asked them about Groupon, almost all nod their heads- either they or their family members have utilized the service. An online company have relatively low [...]

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More and more web/blog owners are reporting a drop in Adsense earnings- some as much as 70% or more sudden drop in recent months. As Google did a round of algorithm- and wiped out a huge amount of its Adwords advertisers- coupled with the overall economy downturn, bloggers worldwide are affected. The change can literally [...]

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Previously, I have spent a lot of time searching for good free Wordpress templates for all my blogs. I have a number of blogs and trying to work out the right kind of look using a free theme with my limited coding abilities is a real challenge. The decision came yesterday for me to make the decision to [...]

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Should a newspaper or magazine publish its contents online? If it does, who would be buying the physical papers anymore? You would be surprised that even with online content, many people still prefer to fork out about RM1.50 everyday to buy the real thing.  And that is recently proven with my favourite newspaper The Star (which [...]

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