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Related article: Baking Classes in Klang Valley Many people have passion for cooking and baking. With interest and passion, you would catch up easily and able to modify on existing methods that you have learned to come out with something that is uniquely …you. For instance, if we like a certain type of food very much [...]

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If you are considering leaving the rat race behind and to go freelance or to work for yourself, I strongly recommend that you read the book Escape from Corporate America by Pamela Skillings before you take the plunge. Writing from experience of her own and years of consulting clients, she brought up a lot of relevant [...]

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This series consisting of 4 articles that provide tips, experience and choices a student or teenager who is looking for a school/semester holiday job can consider.   Part 1:  Tips for Holidays/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers The pro and cons of choosing easy to find jobs such as at fast food chains, hypermarkets, etc are discussed. Part [...]

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This is the final part of the Article Series on Holiday/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers. This article will discuss on selecting a job that can help you to built up a passive income stream from where you are now. Passive income, as the name implies, is earning income even while you are not working. Looking back, [...]

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My personal experience: I have worked the following jobs: a clerk/receptionist- at the age of 17 for 3 months a lab assistant- at the age of 19 for 4 months in university- held the following jobs: secretary (twice), telemarketer, data entry clerk, industry training intern (compulsory for me to earn my degree) As your career [...]

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In the previous article, I’ve mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of looking for non technical skills/fast food restaurant jobs. The next categories of jobs that are harder to come by but would add in your resume are office related jobs. Examples of office temporarily/ part-time jobs: Data entry clerks (require quick typing skills) Filling clerks [...]

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This is PART 1 of an Article Series on Holiday/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers School and university semester holidays are around the corner. You may have decided to try to look for a part time or full time job in order to earn extra income and could not decide what type of job to choose. If you are a student searching [...]

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