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If you want to buy gadgets,  then please buy from an authorised dealer. But then…unless you are from China, buying any gadgets while from there is a seriously bad idea ….because you can never go back for exchange. This was recently what happened to my friend when she bought a few power bank while visiting [...]

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Between saving your appointments and personal particulars in a physical organizer vs your Smartphone…which one is better? It is convenient to have all in one place. To have everything you need to help you multitask and lead a productive life. But in the February edition of the Malaysian Chip magazine, it showed how your mobike [...]

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For those who are self-hosting their Wordpress blogs (ie have own domain name and using paid hosting), there are a host of plugins to choose from. Here are 4 Wordpress plugins that I find indispensable for my blogs that are built using Wordpress templates: 1. Akismet Function: Battle spam comments- automatically filter off spam comments [...]

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If you have photos that you would really like to share with others, should you display them in a photo album or a digital frame? I have the same dilemma recently- I had embarked on a photo album project where I want to showcase sequence leading on to a successful opening of a place. It [...]

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It all started yesterday when I attempted to login to my Hotmail account after about few weeks of not login. After after I entered my email and user name, I was redirected to a site that indicated my account have violated the Terms of Usage in Hotmail and it could be that my account was [...]

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