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If you want to buy gadgets,  then please buy from an authorised dealer. But then…unless you are from China, buying any gadgets while from there is a seriously bad idea ….because you can never go back for exchange. This was recently what happened to my friend when she bought a few power bank while visiting [...]

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Between saving your appointments and personal particulars in a physical organizer vs your Smartphone…which one is better? It is convenient to have all in one place. To have everything you need to help you multitask and lead a productive life. But in the February edition of the Malaysian Chip magazine, it showed how your mobike [...]

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For those who are self-hosting their Wordpress blogs (ie have own domain name and using paid hosting), there are a host of plugins to choose from. Here are 4 Wordpress plugins that I find indispensable for my blogs that are built using Wordpress templates: 1. Akismet Function: Battle spam comments- automatically filter off spam comments [...]

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If you have photos that you would really like to share with others, should you display them in a photo album or a digital frame? I have the same dilemma recently- I had embarked on a photo album project where I want to showcase sequence leading on to a successful opening of a place. It [...]

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It all started yesterday when I attempted to login to my Hotmail account after about few weeks of not login. After after I entered my email and user name, I was redirected to a site that indicated my account have violated the Terms of Usage in Hotmail and it could be that my account was [...]

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Bloggers often need to source for pictures to accompany blog posts. In the past, I used to obtain royalty free pictures from the net but now, I take my own pictures. My simple and relatively inexpensive mobile phone have been used to take so many pictures. Initially you may find it odd to snap any photos [...]

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When you begin blogging, you may start by blogging about everything under the sun. Then it may come to a point in time that  you find yourself developing a new interest or hobby in a very specific area- that’s when you may be creating new blogs to focus on them. You can call them niche blogs or [...]

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When I came back from Thailand last month, I found out that my laptop could no longer go online because the network card was damaged due to a lightning storm (I was fortunate the contents of my laptop was intact). As I run my blogs part-time, I cannot go without an internet connection. Furthermore, I keep [...]

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Pardon me for my outmost ignorance but I am really a noob when it concerns DSLR or iPhone. But for more than a year since starting my Visit Malaysia (various places to visit in Malaysia, from a perspective of a Malaysian) and Creatively Inspired (things around the world that inspired creativity within) blogs, I started shooting a lot of [...]

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An email belonging to a friend of mine was recently hijacked. She took the initiative to email to Microsoft to find out how to prevent it from happening.  How to know if your email is hijacked Sometimes your friend may send you a reply asking you why did you send out a link that leads [...]

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