Companies sometimes would publish magazines/catalogue for free distribution to their customers.  For example, banks would publish rewards brochures, IKEA would publish their magazines, Tupperware and direct selling companies with their catalogue, greeting cards companies would have their  product catalogue (even though it is often not distributed for free). Product catalogue or magazines can create awareness of your company’s [...]

Sometimes marketing a business need not be complicated or expensive. You can even meet with success by concentrating on selling just one core product- this is especially true in food business. Recently, we stopped by a stall at the night market. This stall was selling fresh baked sak kei mah (萨骑马)- a Chinese snack. The thing about sak keh mah is that [...]

There is a lot of ideas that you can be inspired from IKEA. They would invest a lot in the display area to teach people how to use their products. Products arranged haphazardly as we can see in most stores would not increase sales- unless the buyer has a sharp eye for details. But a majority [...]

Once, I had advised a business owner to send physical greeting cards to his long time clients. He shrugged it off to say, “we are into the new technology age now- the trend is to send e-cards. Furthermore, I am into paperless technology and want to save the environment”. And this comes from a man [...]

During my university days, we were taught in business school the meaning of ‘opportunity cost’. More or less it means willing to fork out a price to earn the customer’s favor and to win the business over. The goal is often to build long term relationship. This practice has long been in place even during [...]

I would like to present the following case study- to show how a company can potentially lose out a lot in profit, consumer interest if it does not have a comprehensive, informative and interesting corporate website. To setup and run a website is so inexpensive and yet the site is your effective marketing tool 24 [...]