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If you want to buy gadgets,  then please buy from an authorised dealer. But then…unless you are from China, buying any gadgets while from there is a seriously bad idea ….because you can never go back for exchange. This was recently what happened to my friend when she bought a few power bank while visiting [...]

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My Note 2 was having a life of its own- screens start moving, apps opening and closing. I have tried a few solution till one finally worked….here’s my experience that I want to share with you: Having the Note 2 has been great….but after about 2 to 3 months of using the phone, it started [...]

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Even though I am using a Samsung Note 2 now, there are times I still miss having a Blackberry. No doubt, people think that Blackberry belongs to dinosaur and there have been mention in forums about those Crackberry die hard users who refuse to accept facts or reality. Still, there is something special about the [...]

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Between saving your appointments and personal particulars in a physical organizer vs your Smartphone…which one is better? It is convenient to have all in one place. To have everything you need to help you multitask and lead a productive life. But in the February edition of the Malaysian Chip magazine, it showed how your mobike [...]

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Smartphone is no longer a status thing but is more of a necessity. Many people, including seniors and those who are not technology savvy start to own a Smartphone. Why owning a Smartphone can save you lots of money If you have kids, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend…. in other words people whom you treasure very much [...]

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Nowadays, I write a number of short posts using my Galaxy Note. As a part time blogger, I don’t have much time to sit in front of my laptop to blog. With the Note, I am now used to the virtual keyboard – it was very different than what I had previously thought. In my [...]

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After having my Blackberry for close a year, I’ve decided to switch to a Samsung… Samsung Note II to be exact. After changing from Blackberry to Samsung Note II, I’ve had only one regret….why I never done it earlier. Or why didn’t I buy an Android phone in the first place? But the switch came [...]

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I want to share with you a hard lesson learned…. a lesson that spoilt my Blackberry Torch Smartphone. Just because of a stuck SIM. Never never forcibly pull out the SIM card – if it does not come out from the phone naturally, something is wrong. Take it to a shop where they fix handphone- [...]

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Update in 2017: Instead of using WPTouch, I have bought a paid Wordpress theme, Thesis wordpress theme which is automatically responsive and mobile friendly. After my earlier post where I mentioned that I would be installing WPTouch plugin after wanted to make my blogs more mobile friendly. Just yesterday, I have removed the plugin from [...]

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This is a question I keep pondering back and forth as I contemplate in getting either a Smartphone (like the Galaxy Note) or a tablet that my friends have been recommending me to use.  Most people I know already own a Smartphone. I’ve thought of owning it mainly to help me to be able to post more [...]

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