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Starting from now or even last week, the Chinese have started visiting cemetries to honor the department- buy burning paper items, hell money and serving the department with food. First, there would be a gotong royong, followed by the entire family having a picnic on the grave area. Now, for convenience, families sometimes buy fast [...]

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My little contribution for Hallowen- is there any similarities between The Final Destination and freak   accidents? Let’s imagine this situation … Supposedly someone had done something very bad to you, like took the life that you value. Everyday, the hatred just burns in you as you watch that person enjoying his life. He shouldn’t. He [...]

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Came across these series of sites while reading on some topics on New Age. Interesting.. 1. Evil Spirits — Can We Be Haunted or Possessed? 2. Various Types of Ghosts 3. Sorcerers – Most Powerful Type of Ghosts 4. Spiritual Science Research Foundation 5. Etheric Curses 6. The Shadow People

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Do you? For me, I do. I did not used to but I do the last few years. In our daily lives, we are confronted by so many dangers and potential life threathening situations. Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, only to have an instinct or an inner voice screaming at you not to [...]

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There are some things in the world that the world of medicine may not be able to cure/have an answer for. A person gets really sick and admitted to the hospital. Sometimes, the cause cannot be found. Or the cause is found (medically) but despite steps taken, the patient do not get well. I have [...]

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