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It is vital for business to monitor changing trends and adapt to these trends or risk sinking to obscurity. If technology enables the same thing to be done at a quicker time without much supervision and labor, then it makes sense to use them. If a business, regardless of how long it had been in [...]

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Today, we communicate with our friends and send our greetings using sms, Facebook and email. Handmade cards or handwriten letters- hey they’re out of fashion. No one does it anymore. But take a look at the pictures below. And tell me, what lights up your day more- some Facebook Superpoke, Hug Me or e-card or [...]

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From a person who does not have very limited technical knowledge but love blogging, Google has been a great companion and great help. If you are not that tech savvy like me, you may want to try out these tools too. What’s great is that Google offer most of this for FREE. OK, it may [...]

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