Last month when I was travelling, I tried to figure out a way which I could organize some items that could cause chaos in my luggage bag- meaning after packing them, I would have problem locating these items in my luggage. These items are:  chargers for my Blackberry, mobile phone, netbook, MP3, camera, international adaptors, spare batteries [...]

When you are travelling to Thailand and wish to be able to access to the internet and data plan, you can buy the prepaid SIM cards directly from the airport. Please buy from the airport and not 7 Eleven stores because 7Eleven only sell top ups and if you are buying a phone SIM and [...]

The immigration department or Jabatan Imegresen Malaysia had earned a lot of praise from the public through introduction of effective passport renewal using the KIPPAS system. I recently went to have my passport renewed and was amazed at the efficiency. To renew your Malaysian passport, you need to bring the following: 1. 2 recent passport [...]

Facebook is going to make its Timeline compulsory to all Facebook users according to an update I saw from Yahoo Finance.  I am not sure about you, but I prefer the old format compared to Timeline (read the post by Smosh- quite funny). When I visiting pages of friends who have installed the Timeline, the [...]

The MATTA Fair craze is on

by Yin on August 7, 2011

in Travel

MATTA fair would be held this year from 12 to 14 August 2011 at PWTC. Since the first year of MATTA fair, it has been very popular and if you go after office hours or weekends, the crowds are huge. There are a lot of huge deals by travel agencies with very cheap travelling packages. [...]

Few days ago I was talking to a friend- who is serving her notice as she had tendered her resignation. After almost 20 years of working with the same organization that she had ever known (her very first job), she felt disillusioned and very exhausted. She watched as some of her friends, even though being [...]