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When working in a typical fast paced and highly stress corporate environment, you may find that the mind, stressed and used to the max, would probably be working in an almost auto-pilot mode.   We wake up (sometimes with great reluctance), dress up, go to work, looking forward to lunch. After lunch, we work, suffer [...]

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I must admit, I used to be one of those people who will never want to stand idle and do nothing. In the past, I always carry reading materials and notebook everywhere I go like to the bank, take public transport, have an appointment with a friend (in case the fella is late), at the airport, [...]

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When I was in my teens, I remember reading an article whom the writer states that: excessive indulgence of movies that shows violence, revenge, murder, horror movies with demons, ghost and spirits taking revenge, as well as porn will lower the person’s vibration levels. It makes the person susceptible to influence of dark and evil [...]

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Do you believe that watching too much TV drains your life’s energies, dims your wits, make you more lazy, unable to beat addiction, become introverted? Other reported incidents are such as- affects relationships, make you gain weight, increase arguments (when you are too stuck on the TV to want to help out with the household [...]

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When you are under stress, such as too many things to do but too little time, or having the phone on your desk ringing non stop from people chasing for answers, how to you feel? Is your mind scattered? Or are you in control? Or during meetings and discussions at work, do you focus on [...]

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Mother’s Day is here and many families are planning celebrations like lunch or dinner buffets for the moms in the family. Major shopping complexes would undoubtedly be jammed packed with families. Just like Valentine’s Day, many will end up paying for overpriced menus, flowers and gifts. But for my mom, she would always opt not [...]

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To cover day-to-day expenses, yes. We need money to pay rent, installments, groceries, and other bills. To pay back money that you owe your friends- that’s very important because if you don’t, it may cause you the friendship or hard feelings. Today, money means much more than to cover the necessities. Many people define their [...]

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