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For those who are self-hosting their Wordpress blogs (ie have own domain name and using paid hosting), there are a host of plugins to choose from. Here are 4 Wordpress plugins that I find indispensable for my blogs that are built using Wordpress templates: 1. Akismet Function: Battle spam comments- automatically filter off spam comments [...]

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Wordpress is a popular blogging platform but you can easily use it to build a static website with a relatively easy learning curve. Many people who do not have programming or IT knowledge are able to build professional looking sites using Wordpress. The following article will give an explanation on how you can build a [...]

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Previously, I have spent a lot of time searching for good free Wordpress templates for all my blogs. I have a number of blogs and trying to work out the right kind of look using a free theme with my limited coding abilities is a real challenge. The decision came yesterday for me to make the decision to [...]

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This article is writen from my personal experience in adding Adsense codes, as you would invariably see the my following sites: life.yinteing.com healthblog.yinteing.com creative.yinteing.com And some other sites that I planned in the pipeline. For all these sites, I’ve chosen to manually insert the codes. If you are using a free hosting from Wordpress (that [...]

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You may have noticed that I’ve recently added some Adsense advertisements to my blogs. Friends who are into websites and blogging have long advised me to either have affiliate programs or Google Adsense ads. Reason being is my hosting renewal is coming round the corner and because I’ve chosen quality hosting from Media Temple- they’re really [...]

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Previously, I did not know how to activate Akismet. Initially when I started this site, spam comments weren’t much of a problem. My site is not a popular site and I only started getting very little spam comments. Then, I was away to Thailand for a month, and managed to prepare enough posts to be [...]

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If you like this article, you may also want to read How to add a 3rd column on your Blogspot blog Previously, when I maintained my site via Blogspot, I have searched the internet for various methods to truncate post- ie when the visitor gets to my homepage, they are able to view not the [...]

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