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When you have to chosen to be a writer or blogger, you would spend a lot of time churning out content. The task is even more challenging for a freelance or a full time writer may be required to write on topics that is not a personal favourite. There will come a time when writers [...]

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If you are able to take everyday stuff and give it a creative twist- you would have something that attract everyone’s attention and could have great potential.  For example, the usual cupcakes are often being displayed in a sweet, pretty and appetizing way. Whenever we see a cupcake, it’s design makes us want to eat [...]

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Have you ever encountered times when your brain are brimming with ideas when you are out and about when your computer is not nearby. Then few hours later when you find the time to finally sit down and write, you start to suffer from the writer’s block. At most, we may just have the habit of [...]

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I find that carrying a notebook (not a laptop but the physical books) comes very handy especially if I am outside doing research or if an idea hits me out of the blue. Whatever that is not written down quickly gets forgotten. And instead of having it all in your head and burdening your poor [...]

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A number of teenagers poccess special skills but left it behind as they venture into adulthood because everyone around them convince them that ‘it’s just not practical earning a living doing that.’  But some may continue, choosing a vocation that is related to their childhood skills. After all, as children or teenagers, it is a [...]

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Whatever you do, it gets easier with practice. Even blogging, you may start off with having so much of things that you want to express but find yourself quickly running out of ideas. Or you will have so much of ideas in your head but the moment that you sit in front of your laptop, [...]

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