Never Too Old or Too Late


My pal Dekey forwarded me an article writen in The Star papers about senior aged people, despite older in age who choses to rough it out on their own. Dekey have been my room mate since my second year in university and have been a avid and active jungle trekker- you name any mountain (well known and unknown in Malaysia) and I am very sure she has climbed it. Check out the url below:

There are another 2 more articles also writen about other avid trekkers. I am so inspired after reading the articles. Some very useful advise from them that we can pick up:
1. It is never too old or too late to do what you want.

2. The best way to travel is not to follow group tours. Plan one on your own and live like a local. Even in Russia, Mr Chin (57 yrs old) could survive without speaking their language.- in the cold winter amidst unfriendly people. So, travel off the beaten track.

3. A developing or a third world country would likely be safer than a developed country. I totally agree with that- in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, I felt very safe.

4. Even with age, they could track into jungles, climb mountains, cross rapid waters- and they are not exactly gym buffs. All they do is simple brisk walking exercise and trips to the jungle- from there they built up their stamina slowly. I am inspired by Yap Kok Sun- even though he is 70 years old, he travelled alone, climbed dangerous mountains, slept on bare jungle grounds.

5. If we are ever gonna listen to people to tell us that we are “crazy” for trying out new things, we will never probably accomplished anything worthwhile in our lives.

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